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I have been privileged to work with some wonderful people who realise that looking after themselves/rehabilitating takes effort – we work as a team with the goal to improve their movement patterns and therefore the quality of day to day life.
Thank you for doing your homework !

“A weekly session of Pilates keeps me moving on the fells and on the crags. It has sorted out my back problems and provided flexibility, core-strength and balance. Ideal for an ageing runner and rock climber !”
Mr M.B.

“I never realised there was so much to know about how muscles worked…….Jill’s expertise in therapeutic massage and Pilates has played a vital part in my successful recovery after a total hip replacement. She’s a great motivator and thanks to her I already feel better and far more mobile than I have for years.”
– David


“I enjoy the mixture of a weekly class and private lessons. The individual sessions mean that Jill has an hour to focus purely on my body, how it moves, what needs working on which means that I get a chance to really understand the exercises, increase my body awareness and feel the effects. In the class it’s encouraging to know that you aren’t the only one with restrictions in certain exercises and equally its great to see how as a group we have improved. Pilates has helped me with my other exercise classes and jogging. It’s also good on a social side when we go for coffee and cake after………….!”


“I discovered Pilates at a time when I was physically weak and vulnerable after undergoing major abdominal surgery. Jill is a wonderful, patient teacher , with a positive approach and she has worked with me on a one to one basis for two years, tailoring a programme to my specific needs. Over this time Pilates has become an important focus in my recovery, enabling me to build and regain core strength, set gradual physical goals, and now return to full fitness.”



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