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Jill Cooper
I discovered Pilates in the late 90’s , having suffered from a back problem and tried most exercise regimes I decided to give it a go and haven’t looked back ! It worked for me and made a real difference to my quality of life.


As a remedial sports therapist it made sense to embark on the instructor training as I knew it could help my clients. Now many of them have taken on responsibility for their bodies by taking part in a class and adding exercises at home into their daily routine. My training as a Sports Therapist gave me a valuable background into how the body moves and reacts, and this continues to fascinate me.
I trained intensively with Body Control Pilates as I liked their progressive approach to the exercises. I continue to attend courses,  these  have included pilates during pregnancy, effects of osteporosis, use of different equipment, Franklin Method….. I am also a qualified Pilates Reformer Instrutor, this training I chose to do with Pilates Union. The Reformer was Joe’s ‘baby’ and is a wonderful contraption which really helps you to connect into your inner body and feel the workings of it.


(N.B. ‘Body Control Pilates’ is a registered trademark used under license)

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